Technical innovation is our drive

Via Engineering Deurne BV has many years of experience specializing in the design and development of machine parts, tools, clamping fixtures and prototype construction. Automating production lines is also one of our core tasks.

Our engineers are innovative in coming up with creative and cost-saving solutions. By innovative thinking we mean the automation of manual actions and the improvement of the efficiency of a process or product.

All this is always done in close collaboration with our customers. Thanks to our team of specialized engineers and our own workshop, we have the disciplines to optimally serve our customers through short lines: engineering, development, manufacturing, machine construction, assembly and testing. Serial work and the production of single pieces are also part of our work.

We are your partner in innovative thinking!

Via Engineering Deurne BV has various processes at there place for manufacturing, assembling and testing products. Thanks to the years of experience of our specialists and the use of the right machines, Via Engineering Deurne BV is able to supply high-quality products.

Clamping fixture

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