Clamping fixtures

Clamping fixtures

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In order to be able to machine products properly, responsibly and quickly, such as milling, turning, grinding or drilling, a clamping fixture must ensure that the product is clamped stably and without obstacles. A careful look is taken at the to be processed product and the production numbers of it during the development of the clamping fixture in order to design a high-quality and stable clamping fixture. Of course, we also look at in how many clampings the product must be processed, this is product-dependent.


Via Engineering has experience with various types of products in different industries and different clamping methods such as hydraulic clamping fixtures, pneumatic clamping molds, mechanical fixtures and also clamping with vacuum. We design and develop special custom clamping fixtures for repetitive milling work and ensure that this jig can be used directly on your machine. Multiple clamping products in a fast and dimensionally stable manner reduces production and change times for you as a customer.


"Via Engineering Deurne BV has the knowledge, the possibilities and the machines to realize turn-key projects into a customer-specific end product"

Clamping mold


This clamping fixture is intended for drilling a butterfly valve, in which an axis is mounted in the correct position by means of a spline, in the assembled state. Due to the poka yoke principle, the product can't be inserted incorrectly and the chance of a reject product is excluded. The product is positioned pneumatically and by means of a sequence valve hydraulically clamped. The mold is equipped with a mold detection and the pneumatic cylinders have sensors for detecting the position. The fixture is clamped to the machine with zero-point clamping systems. This makes it quick and easy to switch between the different clamping fixtures.

Clamping molds


In order to position the products to be welded correctly, a welding fixture often has to be made. We always look at the product but also at the welding options.

Here you see a welding fixture on which 3 different products can be positioned. This can be achieved with a quick conversion of a number of parts. The welding fixture is Poka Yoke designed so that the products to be welded can't be inserted incorrectly.

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