Machine overview

Below you can see the machine park of Via Engineering Deurne BV and as you can see it has several 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC milling machines and also has various processes in-house for manufacturing products. Via Engineering Deurne BV employs various CNC operators and qualified technicians with specialization in the field of machining.

If it can't be made at there own place, Via Engineering Deurne BV has an extensive network of specialists at its disposal to unburden the customer completely with their problem.


HERMLE U630T             3 axis        X630     Y500    Z500

HERMLE C800               3 axis        X800     Y600    Z500

HERMLE U1130             5 axis        X1300   Y720    Z630

UNISIGN UNIVERS 4     4th axis     X1600   Y400    Z400 


TESA MICRO HITE 460-710 410        Measurement

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