Manufacturing products from various materials

Via Engineering Deurne BV has various CNC milling and turning machines, with which unique products can be machined from various materials for every customer. Our machining department determines the most efficient production process by means of a product drawing, which enables us to give a good indication of the costs of manufacturing your product. Our skilled and certified staff has years of experience in CNC machining to realize your product drawing into a good and high-quality end product.


With CNC milling you can mill the most complex 2D and 3D shapes extremely accurately and very quickly. Via Engineering has the ability to mill different types of materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic, 3-axis to 5-axis.

To manufacture our parts, Via Engineering Deurne BV has a number of machines that are controlled by a CAD-CAM software, which makes programming time fast and efficient.

CNC bar-feed turning


The purpose of a surface treatment is often to enhance the appearance or protect the surface from external influences such as wear or corrosion.

Via Engineering Deurne BV has the right partners for various surface treatments, so that the customer can be completely unburdened with their drawings.

Vacuum hardening, nitriding, grinding and polishing, nickel plating, anodizing and powder coating are just a few of the surface treatments that occur regularly with us.



The CNC lathes from Via Engineering Deurne BV are equipped with bar feed and have driven tools. This allows us to process products on the machine in one go, which means we can offer a competitive cost price.

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